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Statement to RHH on Indigenous Children Loss

Dear Restoration House Family,

Our hearts and prayers are with the Indigenous community across the nation, mourning the loss and discovery of the 215 children, who were students at a residential school in Kamloops. This is a colossal loss that no family, parent or people should ever have to face.

We acknowledge the current and continued pain, loss, and grief faced by Indigenous communities across Canada and offer a hand of fellowship with a willingness to assist in any way we can.

As a church, we also acknowledge the fundamental role the Catholic church played in the development and institutionalization of residential schools and recognize the generations of trauma and pain that Indigenous communities have faced as a result. We pray for forgiveness and healing among the Indigenous people.

Please see a link to the 94 'Calls To Actions' and continue to seek ways to educate yourself and foster awareness on the burdens of Indigenous communities.

Yours in Him,

Olayinka and Oluwatoyin Dada

Senior Pastors, Restoration House Hamilton

Cut braids represent grief and loss. Image by Nalakwisis on Instagram


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