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Our Pastors

Pastor Olayinka Dada

Pastor Olayinka Dada, or PYD as we like to call him, is our senior pastor at Restoration House. He has been pastoring since 1996 as a tentmaker and God has used him to transform lives through sound teachings of the Word of God. He is well-grounded and thorough in his teaching of the Word and is always uncompromisingly passionate about declaring the truth of the Word. 



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Pastor Oluwatoyin Dada


Pastor Oluwatoyin Dada


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Pastor Oluwatoyin Dada, better known as Pastor T, is our first lady here at Restoration House. She has a heart for children and is passionate about directing young women in Christ to their identity as King's Daughters. She is firmly rooted in the Word and a mother at our church to many beyond her four children.

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