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Rest in Peace Pastor Dare

We are deeply saddened by the loss of our beloved Pastor Dare Adeboye. Pastor Dare was a part of our RCCG family, the son of our General overseers' Pastor EA & Pastor Folu Adeboye, and a tremendous blessing to the young adults' ministry.

The memories we shared a few weeks ago together leave indelible prints in our hearts. He had a wonderful sense of humour, an amiable personality, and was an epitome of service to God. With incredible passion and zeal, he encouraged our young adults to do more, living a life of impact.

While immensely heartbroken, we trust the Holy Spirit, our comforter, to stand by, encourage, and minister to his immediate family, Daddy and Mummy GO, the RCCG family, and the entire body of Christ.

Till we meet again,

Pastor Yinka & Pastor Toyin Dada,

Senior Pastors, RCCG Restoration House Hamilton


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