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2023 Declaration

This is my year of new things

I am a receiver of new things from God

This year and beyond...

I release faith to go far

I will do great things

I will rise and shine

I will soar like an eagle

I will walk and not faint

I will run and not be weary

I will break through on all sides

I will sing again

I will triumph

I will break new grounds

I will possess new territory

I receive His peace, rest and blessings

I receive the Spirit of revelation

I receive healing, total freedom and deliverance.

I am a barrier breaker

I am a line crosser

I am a finisher

I will have a great turnaround

I shall accomplish great things in their proper seasons this year

My joy is full and unending

Nothing will stand in my way

Help will locate me from unusual quarters

I shall not die, but live and declare the works of the Lord


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