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Teleconference Etiquette

1. Call in on time.

Please be punctual when joining a teleconference call. Callers who join late might interrupt the discussion, which may serve as a distraction for the others on the line.

2. Call in from a noiseless location.

If you think your environment is noisy, then others will too! Please call in from a noiseless location. This might involve letting others in your environment know you are on a call and require a reduction in the noise level. You can also try closing the door or placing a "Teleconference in Session" sign on your door.

3. Never put the call on hold.

Placing the call on hold may sometimes produce an unwanted sound that will disturb the teleconfrence, please refrain from doing so.

4. Limit distractions and/or multitasking when possible.

You might be in the kitchen preparing a meal or eating a snack; for others you might be watching your favourite sports team play. We ask that you please limit such distractions while participating in the teleconference. 

5. Pay attention and be active.

Having a teleconference line allows us to stay connected in these unprecedented times. We ask that you please pay attention and stay responsive as that is the only way you can fully enjoy this resource. 

Let's continue to work together to create an enjoyable experience as we use the teleconference line, while also building each other up in our faith. 


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