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It's common knowledge now that our world is crumbling, global warming is NOT abating, even the respite of the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions on movement have not fully halted the downward slide and we can expect the post COVID, the intensity of human destruction on the earth will only increase as the world gets back to work and try to recoup what has been lost.

Even though world leaders have done well so far to avoid a third world war, the number of those dying from hunger, diseases and anxieties and those committing suicide have skyrocketed and continues to increase. The system we run in the world is clearly not working for the long term preservation of life here on earth.

There is however, another world, a world to which we can escape, leaving behind this dying world. Some are already enriching their bank accounts in the new world and looking forward to spending an eternity in splendour in this new world. No, it's not the Moon or Mars or any other planet in our galaxy. It’s a place called heaven, and it's the only place able to sustain life for ever.

However, there are a few things we need to do to make it to heaven. The owner of heaven says He wants us to conform to some sets of behaviour here first. First, is that we must accept that we cannot save ourselves and rather accept the salvation that Jesus procured for us, Believe in Jesus and live our lives here for Him. These steps will secure us a mansion in heaven, away from the decadence of this world.

And there are other benefits to this, if you accept Jesus as your Lord and saviour, He says He will give you the power to live for Him in this life, so you are covered. He says the more you trust Him, the more He takes care of you and keep you from the dangers of this world and the world to come.

If you would like to accept him as your Lord and Saviour, all you need to do is pray like this and mean it in your heart.

Dear Jesus, I love You. I thank You for dying for me on the cross. I know You are alive in Heaven. I receive You now as my Saviour. I thank You for taking away my sins.


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