What We Believe

Our Beliefs

Restoration House Hamilton is a Bible-believing church, where God is restoring potential and raising leaders of vision, integrity and power. We are a multicultural church that teaches and empowers people to reclaim and fulfill the purpose of God for humanity as intended at creation.

We are passionate about people and have made making our guests and members enjoy royal care- that’s reminiscent of God’s Kingdom- a part of our core values. We offer extravagant praise that touches God’s heart and brings down His presence into our midst. We believe and teach that there is power in the Word of God.

Our Core Values


Royal Care 

Royal treatment is something we value and implement at RHH. Once you walk through our doors, you are treated like the kings & queens that you are! We believe in treating everyone like the royal priesthood that the bible says we are. 

Excellence in Pursuit 

At RHH, our goal is to achieve greatness and excellence in everything that we do. We want to ensure an experience of optimum quality at our church! 

Submissive Conduct & Attitude

We believe in service, not only to God but to those around us. Service is apart of our culture through our outreach to our community both locally and internationally. We are striving to follow Jesus' footsteps, even in our attitude of service!

Transparency & Integrity

We value transparency and integrity at RHH and we pride ourselves in it. This means we are honest with you and our community not only in areas such as our giving but also in our teachings of the Word. 


Serving the Hamilton Community

Our Story

Restoration House Hamilton has a long, proud history of serving the community of Hamilton. Founded November 16, 2003, at an Admiral Inn, our church has since grown through the dedication of our leadership, pastors and volunteers. We are committed to the teachings of Jesus Christ and are here to spread His message. We are open to worshippers of all ages and backgrounds, and strive to lead all who worship with us towards a deeper love for God.

Restoration House Hamilton is a community of faith rooted in the love of God. We believe worship is not just found in prayer, it’s something expressed in everything we do. Our philosophy is deeply rooted in the Holy Scriptures, life’s only guidebook. Come and join us to experience God’s grace for yourself. There’s a special place for you at our church.


Our Roots

Redeemed Christian Church of God

Restoration House Hamilton is one of the parishes of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG). RCCG began in 1952 and has since birthed thousands of parishes.


As an RCCG church, our mission is to make heaven and by God’s grace take as many people as we can with us.


Learn more about RCCG on the RCCG Website.


103 MacNab St N

 Hamilton, L8R 2L9

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